Training Center

COMPA Professional Training Center, established in 2005, assures the human resources training for organizational efficiency and effectiveness growth, for increased professional training level through “a lifetime approach”. Our aim is to maintain or integrate on a modern, flexible and inclusive labor market.

COMPA Partners involved in the center formation:

  • – Company REALMECA France
  • – SC COMPA SA Sibiu
  • – Ministry of National Education France
  • Ministry of Education and Research

The Training Center benefits of a technical platform composed of 20 modern CNC machines, equipped with incorporated product quality control management systems.From these, 2 vertical centers and 2 CNC lathes are specially designed for the learning process. This sophisticated equipment uses the latest in numeric technologies associated with risk detecting processes and with statistical methods of production management. The training center also uses state-of-the- art simulation and trial stands, tooling, fixtures, control equipment specific to each measuring field (2D, 3D measuring machines, measuring centers, etc.), IT equipment. All these are used for the specific abilities and job skills training.The classes are conducted in 10 rooms equipped with specific means to support modern presentations. The theoretical and practical approach is conducted under the supervision of trainers, COMPA specialists, with experience in the formation training of adults. These trainers assure the class support, instructions, procedures, technical documentation, instruction materials, demonstration movies etc. For the IT competences development, COMPA has a classroom with 20 computers using technical software and internet connection.



  • -Alignment to European Training Standards requirement for: high school/students/Master’s degree
    (Specialization studies, research, labors, practical activities)
  • -For CNC machines, tool-maker, maintenance and repair mechanic locksmith, industrial devices and installation mechanic, drilling and threading operator, fork-lift operator, crane operator)
  • -French “savoir-faire” promotion regarding pedagogic engineering and development of school-enterprise relations


  • -Diminishing the integration period of new employees
  • -Rapid accumulation of knowledge and experience
  • -Communication and team-work
  • -Increased performance through practical training
  • -Augmentation of decision making capacity under unique situation.
  • -Participative knowledge transmission


  • -COMPA’s personnel
  • -People on the labor market
  • -Unemployed people
  • -high school /students/Master/PhD

Beneficiaries for human resources:

  • -Efficient learning of technical knowledge
  • -General and specialized technical abilities development, in a real environment
  • -Internships on modern technical platforms
  • -Counseling and professional orientation courses
  • -Support for continuous professional training development
  • -Modeling behaviors, responsibility