Elastic Plant Sibiu

image005Beginning of the company stands at the end of the nineteenth century when Iozsef Datky (1844-1928) opened in Sibiu a craft workshop of blacksmithing. The first official document is in 1886 when the shop is recognized as “Workshop for car bodies Datky Iosif &amp Sons”, producing leaf springs for carriages, forged parts, bards, hatchets, hammers, tesla etc.

The workshop became the buggy provider for the Royal house in Vienna, and recognition of merit and quality of the products is certified by participating at international exhibitions: Budapest (1896) and Paris (1898).

image006Since 1920 started the manufacture springs for automobiles and railway carriages and forges and company is turning into “Elastic A. Datky” – he first Romanian factory for springs and special blacksmith products.

In 1932 the company known as the“ELASTIC A.DATKY & Co” – the first Romanian factory for springs and files– goes to producing files and spiral springs. The technology was perfected for manufacturing leaf springs for trucks and cars.


In 1948 the factory nationalizes and continues its activity under the name NATIONAL ELASTIC PLANT that until 1960 produced files springs and forges parts.

Since 1961 Elastic Plant Sibiu specializes in the manufacture of: leaf springs, hot and warm coiled springs.

In 1969 the Elastic Plant Sibiu merged with Automecanica Plant.