Internships for high school and college students, MAS, PhD

COMPA is constantly preoccupied in next generation specialists training, that through theirs qualification and performances they can contribute to maintaining the company as a competitive and trusted supplier in the automotive industry.

COMPA is involved in the development of professional and technical learning, through participation in the elaboration of new standards of professional training, by participating in the development of new curriculum for pupils and students in engineering specializations from the mechanical field. In order to keep a strong connection by school-enterprise, long term partnerships were signed with technical universities both domestic and abroad, as well as with professional high-schools.

COMPA offers proper conditions for research topics for MASTERS, PhD, technical studies for the 2nd and 3rd qualification level.

COMPA organizes training through internships for high school and college students from Romania, as well as other European Countries, with specializations in interesting fields of the company, according to the legislation and Universities requirements. The probation periods are conducted under direct supervision of tutors, COMPA specialists with experience in the industrial field, in a real work environment where learning methods are based on action.

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