Social Responsibility

Our efforts are directed towards a high level of social cohesion, environment protection and basic human rights, in order to have a positive impact on the community, while recording business success.

Ethics and transparency
Compa consistently applies principles and rules that reflect the requirements of social responsibility standard SA 8000 as well as customers requests. These are defined in the Collective Labor Agreement and the Internal Rules and addresses both employees and other interested parties:

  • responsibility for the law
  • environmental responsibility
  • employee health and safety
  • social dialogue
  • equal treatment and non-discriminatory
  • ethics and principles in conducting business

Community involvement
With a history of over 125 years, Compa has been a permanent presence in the community it is a part of (and which it consistently supported in various ways):

  • Providing technical and technological support needed for professional and specialized training for pre-university and university education
  • supporting sports competitions: cycling, car racing
  • contributions to providing resources for projects in public health, culture and religion.