President’s Message

managerIoan DEAC

President & CEO

Given our country’s alignment with EU requirements, on Romanian market have emerged more and more needs to provide products and services of a high quality response to increasing customer demands and competition.

Through rigorous and sustained efforts, our company has succeeded to gain valued business partners worldwide (Bosch, Koyo, Garrett – Advancing Motion, Delphi, etc.), which allowed us a spectacular development in recent years. This means for the SC Compa SA employees prestige, secure jobs and competitive salaries.

Meeting all contractual requirements, continuous improvement of product quality and service, compliance with delivery terms and quantity agreed and offering attractive prices are the main objectives of our policy towards our customers.

The quality of our products is the center of our concern; the goal is “zero defects” at our clients. Each employee is responsible for product quality and is aware that it has to be improved constantly.

As CEO I am committed for ensuring the material, human and time resources and my personal involvement towards development, maintenance and continuous improvement of the quality, environment, health and safety management systems, for increasing the products/services quality and customer satisfaction.Also, I continuously advocate for creating a climate of social responsibility supported by effective mechanisms.