Training Courses

As a training provider, COMPA offers authorized courses as: qualification level, initiation, specialization, training and periodic training sessions. Also, COMPA offers professional guidance and counseling services, organizes seminars, workshops in different occupational fields, experience exchange and good practice.
The graduating/qualification level certificates are lifetime valid and are issued by the Labor, Family and Social Protection Ministry for Elder Persons, and are nationally and internationally recognized in all countries that acceded to Hague Convention.

Benefits for participants:

  • Access to fabrication systems, technologies, equipment
  • Training or specific labor skills and abilities in COMPA Professional Training Centre as well as in fabrication workshops, under the guidance and supervision of 70 COMPA trainers, specialists with experience in the industrial field.
  • Access to various and complex information sources (instructions, materials, specialized books, workplace specific documents, electronic libraries, etc.)
  • Training process which uses mostly instruments, methods, modern learning facilities.


3rd qualification level: Mechanical Processing Technician
Length: 1080 hours

3rd qualification level: Metrology Technician
Length: 1080 hours

3rd qualification level: MUNC OPERATOR
Length: 720 hours


2nd qualification level TOOL MAKER
Length: 720 hours

2nd qualification level Industrial Machines and Devices Mechanic
Length: 720 hours

qualification level Maintenance and Repair Locksmith
Length: 720 hours

qualification level Welder
Length: 720 hours

1st qualification level: Crane operator
Length: 720 hours

We organize training courses: Fork-lift operator

Length: 100 hours

We organize Training Internships at the validity expiry date of the Crane and Fork-lift operator talon
Length: 8 hours

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