Subassemblies and windscreen wipers components

Compa processes Al blades, arms and joints for the windscreens, designated to a very diverse range of automobile types and brands.

Windscreen wiper blades


  • windscreen wiper blades for cars with left-hand or right-hand wheel as well as for the driver part and also for the passenger (LHD DS/PS; RHD DS/PS)
  • windscreen blades for the back windscreen (RS)
  • windscreen blades for headlights
  • components for the quick change of rubber (refill)

The fabrication process includes the components stamping and painting in the workshop; assembly on automatic and semiautomatic lines; packaging in individual boxes and delivered to the final customer.

Windscreen wiper arms


  • windscreen wiper arms that are connected with the wiper blade with metallic structure (classic) and with help of a hook adapter type (hook WAA)
  • windscreen arms that connect with an aero blade with help of a side lock (Side Lock WAA)
  • windscreen arms that connect with a aero blade with help of a connection element (Top Lock)
  • windscreen arms double articulated

After the assembly of the windscreen wiper arms, these are painted in State-Of -The -Art painting lines, assembled and delivered directly to final customers.

Aliminum joints

In the workshop, the aluminum joints are machined and reamed following to be used in windscreen wiper arms.
The machined joints assemblies will be made with shifts and bushes.