COMPA Principles

Mission: We want to build a secure future for our shareholders, employees and community.

Vision: A company that brings local industrial tradition among players in the global automotive industry.


Understanding and respect for the client

By finding appropriate and efficient solutions for collaboration, we manage to build a trusting relationship, which helps us to anticipate our clients’ needs and react before problems occur.

single_sign_onThe performance cult

We gain re-defining the determinants of competitiveness and performance in the context of globalization process at global economy.


Based on our own strength and being aware of our values, we managed to develop continually, becoming now one of the main players in automotive industry in Romania.

law1 Compliance with the laws

The company business has extended beyond the borders of Romania and therefore COMPA assumes the responsibility for compliance with international applicable laws.

user_groupHonest communication

The strategic objectives of the company are known by all employees, shareholders and corporate partners, the decisions are taken in a responsible manner and the problems identifying and solving are issues that the company is trying to treat.

treeRespect for the environment;

The programs and actions we want to develop and implement warrants the sustainable development for current and future generations.

investment-competitionInvestment in people

The company invests in each employee being aware that business success can’t be achieved only by the employee performance and loyalty.