Subassemblies and components for steering gears and steering columns

Pinions for steering gears

The pinions machined in Compa are designated for steering gears assemblies with manual operation and hydraulic, resp. electric servo-assistance.

The obtained product is integrated in the automobile and vans steering system.

The way steering pinions are constructed, assures best functioning conditions, reduced rotation couple variation as well as high durability.

The materials, semi components, specific to gearwheel and pinions processing, are used in order to guaranty the macroscopic and microscopic structure.

The technologies are specific designed to produce these part types, using modern equipment for the mechanical, welding, hobbling, thermic treatments, and rectification resp. cracks control.

The quality is certified by control equipment specific to pinions, as well as fabrication lines and our own laboratory.

Intermediate axes for steering columns

The intermediate axes are manufactured according to international norms and specific requirements of our clients.
The products are designated for the steering systems, resp. steering columns, and auto vehicles and vans.
These are collapsible for the driver’s protection in case of accidents.
Raw materials used, were tested and certified through endurance laboratory tests and trials.
The assembly components are made through specific equipment of axial resp. angular sliding values registration (in part).