COMPA operates as a production and service provider company in the mechanical field by developing high performance machining and assembling technologies in very good accuracy, cost, delivery and safeness conditions.

Compa has expertise in designing various production processes and in producing a large range of components for the automotive industry, for air conditioning equipments and for several industrial products.

A very long work experience (for over 125 years) in a large range of mechanical processes put together with the existing capabilities and facilities and with the competences our company has gained during all these years make out of Compa a reliable supplier capable to offer support to its custumers’ needs in regard to mass production as well as to low volume manufacturing.

The technical platforms, the productivity, the processes standardisation combined with innovation and team autonomy are all supporting good quality achieved with reduced costs. The Lean Production System which is currently implemented in our company under the name of Compa Production System is strengthening the performance and the improvement of the production processes carried out with last generation technical and technological equipments. The control methods, physicochemical and metrological laboratories, the laboratory for accuracy tests and all the equipments which assist production processes – tridimensional and other measuring equipments, microscops, endoscopes, profilographs, roughness testers – reduce down to minimum the risc of producing nonconforming parts.